The hotel will cancel the ” disposable products in guest room”?

Plastic straws that originally have been provided in the hotel’s restaurants and guest rooms were replaced with biodegradable paper straws. For trial implementation, guest room’s disposable slippers are not provided voluntarily now and soap that has been used lightly would be reused … <<Shanghai municipal solid waste management regulation>> will be fully implemented inside Shanghai. There are many hotels in Shanghai have actively carried out measures, such as reducing the use of disposable products and implementing garbage classification.

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Officials at the Intercontinental Shanghai hotel (the national convention and exhibition center) said that, from the second half of last year, the hotel has replaced the plastic straws with paper biodegradable straws in striped patterns. The service staff will ask the client if he/she needs a straw while ordering, and only provide straw when the client needs for sure.

In addition, the hotel also joins NESPRESSO’s coffee capsules recycling program, places the recovery facilities in the hotel’s lobby lounge, ballroom and the guest rooms. Hotel staff would recycle by type, and then the coffee commissioner would collect and reuse on a regular basis. coffee grounds would be recycled through the collection, processed, and made into nutritious mixed soil to naturally fertilize vegetables; The aluminum, the packaging material of capsule would be in an infinite recycling loop of making brand new aluminum products by recycling process.

In Greenland hotel tourism group, the use of disposable supplies is also gradually reduced. According to the introduction, the hotel restaurant has replaced paper disposable coasters with reusable cotton fabric coasters. The remaining shampoo, shower gel, and other disposable bath products in the guest room are recycled to the hand sanitizer in the staff locker room. What’s more, the disposable soap is recycled to wash the rags for mopping the floor. At the same time, compulsory garbage classification measures are also being implemented. In the hotel, the dry garbage, wet garbage, recyclables, and hazardous garbage are respectively equipped with black, brown, blue and red recycling containers.

Except for the high-star hotels, domestic mid-range and budget hotels, such as Jinjiang Inn, Huazhu hotel group and Holiday Inn are also reducing disposable items. For example, the hotels now using large bottles of bath supplies in the guest room, reduce the production of plastic waste; Some guest rooms don’t voluntarily provide disposable slippers, guests can ask reception if they are in need. To minimize the impact on the environment, some hotel staff canteens would buy the small processing equipment, they can process the kitchen garbage and wet garbage by the hotel owners. In order to encourage more guests to participate in the green and low-carbon action, Jinjiang Inn has also tried to launch an activity that the guests can enjoy a discount on the accommodation fee by giving up using the disposable supplies.

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According to the hotel industry insiders, in developed countries, many hotels don’t provide disposable products in the guest room, now more and more Chinese consumers will also bring their own toothbrush toothpaste, shampoo, bath liquid, etc accommodating in the hotel. The official of Greenland hotel tourism group stated that they will cancel to provide the disposable products in the guest room in the coming days.

According to << Shanghai municipal solid waste management regulation>>, Shanghai will restrict or reduce the use of disposable products of hotel and catering industry, advocate green consumption, promote the use of recyclable items, and organize joint inspection and law enforcement. The municipal culture and tourism bureau will further formulate the list of disposable goods that cannot be provided voluntarily as the reference basis for the industry.