How to beat the other 3,999 competitors in the exhibition?

From ancient temple fairs to early modern market fairs, to modern exhibitions, all these are good opportunities for merchants and enterprises to sell their products. Especially in the 21st century, because many traditional enterprises missed or were unable to “touch the internet”, the exhibition has become a good stage for manufacturers to develop the market and sell products.

However, wherever there are people, there is competition, and so is the exhibition. A large exhibition has more than 4,000 exhibitors, there may be hundreds or even thousands of exhibitors of the same or similar product type among them. Therefore, how to stand out from so many similar exhibitors become the top question of exhibitors.

Seize the audience’s attention

In the exhibition, most of the audience holds a “take a look” mentality, visiting the exhibition, inspecting and selecting exhibitors. Most importantly, you need to attract the audience to your booth and then know further about the products in the booth.

Specifically, you can work hard on exhibits display, product display, booth design, bring strong visual impact to the audience as much as possible, seize the audience’s attention; For speakers, artificial voices, food, and aromatherapy, you can give different aspects for the audience from the sense of hearing or smell.

Using mobile advertising ” platforms”

Both the exquisite decoration and acoustic enjoyment are limited to a certain area of the exhibition hall. If you want to attract more visitors to the booth, you should use leaflets, reusable bags, small gifts, and other promotional materials. These materials may seem insignificant, but they can follow the audience to various exhibition halls, which can expand the scope of publicity.

hypothetically, a large group of the audience walk and carry your company’s promotional bags back and forth from all exhibition halls, during which many people must see the promotion on bags, the publicity effect can be imaginable.

Transfer the audience to customers

After attracting the audience walk into your booth, the staff should timely communicate with the audience, inquire about the needs of the audience, and if necessary, invite the audience to sit down and have a detailed discussion.

It’s worth noting that communicating with the audience is only the beginning, turning the audience into customers during the conversation is the most important part of the communication, as well as the moment testing the staff’s ability.

In conclusion, before participating in the exhibition, the exhibitors need to train the employees, explain all the characteristics of the products to the employees, and inform them of the purpose, content, and expectation of attending the exhibition in advance, so that they can answer the questions when communicating with the audience.